Alesund is spread across three separate islands and the best place to view the beautiful landscape is from the top of Aksla Mountain. Our cruise ship docked at the harbor a day after Trondheim .


There are two ways to climb up to Aksla Mountain – climb up hundreds of steps from the town park or take a tram up. We chose the latter!



We hopped on to a 3 hour bus tour around Alesund. I remember it was a misty day and our itinerary was almost delayed because there was a fire in the tunnel we were about to travel in. Luckily our tour guide quickly changed around our itinerary and thankfully we were able to see all the main attractions eventually.

The tour guide took us to see a small lighthouse placed in one corner of the town. It is still in use today during bad weather and during the night.



Weddings in Alesund seems like a close-knit intimate affair. We were hoping to get a glimpse of the bride and groom though!




Alesund is known as Norway’s largest fishing port and also resembles a kind of ‘Norwegian Venice’ as it is completely surrounded by water with unique bridges over canals everywhere we turn. Finally, it was time for the cruise to depart, we had a really good day in Alesund. Onwards to our next port-of-call, Molde!

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